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With over 25 years combined in the Computer Industry - MicroNet Service Group is your best choice when looking for consultants in the world of Computers and the Internet.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of Internet Specialists - our expertise has been the driving force behind many Multinational and Fortune 500 businesses. Our skills are valued because not only do we have the skills to work with today's technology, but we are also innovative and anticipate and adapt to emerging technologies and markets.

Our web consultancy has been successful because our multidisciplinary team allows us to approach tasks with fresh perspectives. Nothing pleases us more than opening up a new world of possibilities to a client.

Whether you in business, or an a home user - personal Computers Hervey Bay have proven themselves to be invaluable tools in today's society - whether they are used for research, communications, for creative expression, or entertainment.

However many computer users have become victims to computer viruses, or robbed of their privacy through the unwitting or malicious installation of "Spyware" programs. We have created tutorials especially on these topics due to the unbelievable quantities of clients that have been victims of one or the other of these internet dangers.

If you have the need for advice or expert technical support in the field of computers, internet or web business, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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